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Now operating outdoor events as usual

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Risk Management, Learn a Skill, Light Hearted Competition, Broad Appeal

Hustle Indoor Team Building Event

Stick or Twist, Red or Black?...

Hustle is an exciting and fascinating indoor team building concept based around the popular Casino Tables - Black Jack and Roulette.

Typically in gambling, the house's odds of winning are less than 1% higher than yours but it makes all the difference. This event aims to teach you how to tip those odds in your favour. 

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The Hustle Format

Our fully mobile Hustle set up means we can set this event up at all sorts of venues across the UK. 

The event begins with an introduction to hustling, or grifting as it is sometimes known. You will learn about short cons, long cons, card counting, the Martingale and other betting strategies.

The group is then divided into teams and each team is given plenty of 'Fun Money' to gamble with. They then go into our live casino featuring Black Jack and Roulette tables to take on our croupiers, putting their skills to the test to beat the house.

Will your team be able to choose the right strategy and come out on top? There's only one way to find out...

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