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Ready, Steady, Bake! Team Building Event

Tasty Team Building and Team Baking . . .

We have cooked up an event which requires teams to roll up their sleeves and use their loaves to create a delicious selection of sweet and savoury baked goodies.

Each team is supplied with their own purpose built baking station. Our professional chef will show you how to bake some delectable dishes before pitting the teams against each other in a fun, competitive and quintessentially British event!

So don chefs’ hats and aprons in this truly tasty baking team building event. You’ll go home with a fuller tummy, new skills and your own hat… But will you be complimented on “your buns” and “dough balls” or will smoke alarms ring out the theme tune of your baking disasters?!

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TB Bake

Event Format

After a short demonstration, the chef will challenge the teams to make a variety of bakery and pastry items. Teams go head to head, against the clock to make, bake and ice a selection of seasonal goods!

As the event gets underway, there will be no use crying over spilt milk… teams will have to roll up their sleeves as well as their pastries and co-ordinate together to create hunger inducing treats!

Once time’s up, chef will judge your bakes; has your team and your dish risen to the challenge, or has your filo flopped and your display debacle spelt disaster?

The 'Ready, Steady, Bake' event is great for those wanting a team building event which is fun and formative. The day is geared so that the best team, which uses its individuals’ strengths and manages their time most effectively, wins.

Our set up is fully mobile, any room can be turned into a baking kitchen; your offices, a hotel or venue of your choice. Stuck for a location? Chat to our events team for some great suggestions., why not give us a call on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an enquiry form and we can put together all aspects of your 'Ready, Steady, Bake' event today.

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What Our Customers Have Said..

The baking event on Friday was AMAZING we could not fault one single thing on the day, everything went better than we expected. The people running the event had great personalities and gave the room a great atmosphere.