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Team Cohesion, Energise, Sense of Achievement, Creativity

Rollercoaster Indoor Team Building Event

Thrills, Spills and Teambuilds…

The challenge is for teams to work together to design and build a rollercoaster which transports a football along its entire length propelled only by gravity!

The ball must roll unaided from the start to the end of your rollercoaster. Bonus points for unnecessary engineering jumps, twists or even a loop the loop into the crazy structure.

Our Rollercoaster challenge is a great team building event for groups of all sizes but with a huge group the event becomes quite a spectacle.

You will need plenty of space; it is surprising how quickly the structure grows. This event quickly combines the logical and creative strengths of participants in a massive coordinated team building challenge that is fantastic fun.

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The Event Format

The group will be split into teams; each team is tasked with building a section of the track using bamboo canes, plastic tubing, cable ties and string.

Teams need to be organised and communicate well to ensure their individual sections line up for a seamless transition. Bonus points are awarded for 'design flourishes'; can you succeed where many have failed and complete a loop the loop?!

Once complete, your group is allowed one test run where they can make any changes before the Grand Finale. As the ball starts its journey, the excitement and noise starts to build as the ball travels 2 metres...down a spiral...4 metres...over a gap...5 metres...the tension is unbearable, the cheering unstoppable, and then...successfully loops the loop!

This event provides great team building – this exercise is good fun with elements of planning, communication and creativity. This is also available as an outdoor event.

For more than 25 years we’ve run our corporate events at hundreds of venues across the UK. We can, therefore, suggest a great venue near you for our Rollercoaster Challenge, alternatively we may be able to set up in your offices.

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What Our Customers Have Said..

The Rollercoaster Challenge was great! Everyone really enjoyed it and I’ve had a lot of people comment on how fun it was. I think everyone appreciated the fact that the ‘teams’ were working together rather than competing against each other, and that the challenge involved multiple skills such as creativity, planning, practical skills, and refinement.