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Team Cohesion, Reward, Motivate, Team Cohesion, Friendly Competition

Cyber Heist

'Head to Head' Tablet Based Treasure Hunt

In a seemingly normal meeting, your presentation is interrupted as our elite hacker takes control only to inform your group that they have uploaded a sophisticated virus dubbed ‘Psyclone 17’ to your company’s database. Once live, the virus will disperse itself throughout your company files wiping out everything in its path.

Midnight Deadline

However there’s a twist, the virus will only go live at the stroke of midnight… in the meantime the hacker has devised a ‘game’ to test your worth and give you a chance to stop the virus.

Find Agents and Solve Puzzles

In steps our event manager will brief your group on how our iPads work along with the state-of-the-art Treasure Hunt software. The tablets lead you on a trail to mystery locations where you will have to find covert field agents and solve fiendish puzzles.

Surveillance Challenge and Scavenger Hunt!

In addition to puzzles, your mission includes exciting surveillance challenges, such as photo missions, that will require your team to demonstrate resourcefulness and adaptability. You'll also need to collect scavenger items that hold the key to solving the mystery and preventing the virus from taking hold.

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The Event Format

This event can be run from almost any location in the UK, including your offices. Your guests can either be informed of the plan or, more interestingly, be completely unaware of events about to unfold.

After the ‘hacking’, teams will be issued iPads and the ‘game’ begins. Guests must work as a team to locate the waypoints and unlock the challenges set by the hacker. Teams will be faced with various challenges at these hotspots, all part of the devious hacker's plan.

Complete challenges correctly and you’ll earn points which instantly update to the live scoreboard, do it wrong and you’ll see the other teams’ scores overtake yours!

We know that the weather can play a big factor in deciding on what to do for your team day out, don't worry, we have you covered come rain or shine!

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