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Sightsee, Team Cohesion, Light Hearted Competition, Great Fun

Black Cab Treasure Hunt Outdoor Team Building Event

Explore London in a Fleet of Iconic Black Cabs

The legendary London Black Cabs are incorporated into our London Treasure Hunt – expanding the Treasure Hunt area and adding an exciting dimension to the event.

All Black Cab drivers have to pass ‘The Knowledge’, a stringent exam proving their incredible knowledge of London’s complicated roads. From these impressive masters of their trade we choose the friendliest and most fun drivers for our Treasure Hunt.

A matched fleet of smart Black Cabs will arrive at the chosen venue to take your teams around London. You will complete challenges using our iPads pre-loaded with a tailored Treasure Hunt that will guide you around the city whilst you undertake a variety of tasks.

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Event Format

We meet your team at a location of your choice - a hotel, conference venue, or even your offices. Following a briefing from the Event Manager, you will meet the Cabbies, jump in and begin your adventure around the city.

Each Cab takes up to 5 people. Once aboard, the iPad loaded with cunning Treasure Hunt software will show you the location of GPS hotspots; you instruct the driver where to go based on what you see.

When you get to a 'hotspot', jump out and head off on foot to complete your challenges while the Cab waits to take you to the next location. The competition really revs up when you realise you can see where every other team is on the iPad map.

You’ll have to quickly plan the fastest route to complete the challenges and score points. There is a live scoreboard which adds to the tension as you watch the other teams rack up the points. Success will depend on teamwork and the best strategy.

There will be a number of characters to meet during the Treasure Hunt. London is full of characters though, so teams need to make sure they find the right ones. There are always some interesting stories to be told at the end of a Black Cab Treasure Hunt, you will be reminiscing for months to come. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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Everything from the planning to day of the event, went smoothly. The people LOVED the team building. I think the balance with the cabs was perfect for the cold weather, yet got them outside

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