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James Bond 007 Treasure Hunt

Your Name's Bond....James Bond

Crack clues, find our secret agents and solve challenges in your reconnaissance mission

In this Bond themed treasure hunt you’ll be met by our very own “Q” who will issue you with iPads loaded with state-of-the-art Treasure Hunt software. The locations of our field agents, clues and challenges are displayed on the screen and you’ll have to track them down.

Once you have found each agent you will need to complete the fiendish bond themed puzzles and questions whilst racing against the clock. Having a good grasp of 007 trivia will certainly help but is not essential; good team work, however, is.

Only when you’re at the displayed location will you able to see and complete the challenges – so no Googling the answers from the bar whilst sipping a Martini…

The fastest team to complete the mission wins the day for King and Country!

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007 Treasure Hunt briefing

The Format

This event can be run from almost any location, including your offices, all we need is a suitable indoor space in which to meet and finish.

‘Q’ will issue you with an iPad pre-loaded with your mission. You head off into the surrounding area to complete questions at ‘hotspots’ shown on your interactive map. You will also meet secret field agents who will give you spy tasks and puzzles.

Your location, and the locations of the other teams, are shown live on your map and every team’s scores updates instantly on the live scoreboard. This real-time element keeps the whole day adrenaline fuelled as teams fight to build their score and kill the competition.

The conclusion of the event will see teams head to a finish location to be met by ‘Q’ who will decipher the scores and announce the winning team.

Optional Extras

For a truly Bond-like experience we can include high-speed Rib powerboats on The Thames or The Solent, and other vehicles such as 4x4s or Black Cabs in London. Extra waypoints activities include Air Rifle Shooting, Segways, Laser Clays and Archery.

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What Our Customers Have Said..

In relation to the event last year, I would just like to say that it was genuinely one of the best things I have ever done as a team. I think the graduates enjoyed their day and indeed the competitiveness of the day. Overall 10/10 and indeed I will be recommending you to others in the company.