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Team Unity, Creativity, Design, Critical Planning

Rocket Launch Outdoor Team Building Event

Take to the Skies...

Ever dreamed of working for NASA? Are you a frustrated potential astronaut? This event brings together some mission critical elements that will involve the whole team in the successful creation and launch of a rocket into that layer just beneath outer space called ‘sky’.

Design and Branding

Each team will be briefed on their mission and supplied with all the tools and materials needed to create their very own rockets. Teams must not only focus on the design and build of the rocket but also create their own space corporation & branding to showcase on flight suits and the finished projectile.

Once Teams have finished their rockets and branding, it’s time to move to the launch pad for fuelling with our own formulation of potent dihydrogen-monoxide liquid rocket fuel (water) before a series of initial test launches.

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Blast Off!

We set up our very own Cape Canaveral launch site at a venue near you. For over 25 years of the teambuilding space race, we’ve been coordinating lift-offs from hundreds of venues nationally. Please make first-contact with T.B.Co. Space Centre (our office) to discuss launch options.

Each team can be guaranteed the enthusiastic support of their competitors as their rockets ascend gracefully into the atmosphere whilst our senior engineers use sophisticated equipment (tape measures) to calculate which design has performed best. Unlike NASA’s rockets, ours are reusable so each team will have several launches to perfect their design.

Before blast off, the teams are judged on their branding and designs by the Chief Branding Officer. Our Senior Ballistics Analyst scrutinises each rocket’s performance and the accuracy of its flight trajectory for bonus points.

We are confident the day will capture the drama of the world’s great historic space races, expect the competition to be as determined as you are to win. May the best team triumph!  

The Rocket Launch event combines light-hearted product development concepts with humour and constructive thinking, for a day which can be very relevant to business. The event is great fun and enjoys consistently excellent feedback.

We know that the weather can play a big factor in deciding on what to do for your team day out, don't worry, we have you covered come rain or shine!

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What Our Customers Have Said..

The rocket event was a success, our delegates had a great afternoon and a good time was had by all.  We had some very competitive teams who went to great lengths to fire the rockets the highest and the furthest, I believe carbonated water was involved!