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The Rookie - The Apprentice themed Team Building

You’re Hired! . . . or Fired!

Based on the BBC's ‘The Apprentice’ this event has teams dashing around collecting weird and wonderful items in a mad scavenger hunt challenge.

Meet the shrewd Lord Sweetener, business-guru, media-mogul, captain of industry and tyrannical tycoon: listed in Forbes Top 100 Wealthiest Fictional People.

Lord Sweetener will give you a list of items, both mad and mundane, to scavenge in the immediate vicinity. You’ll need to blag, brag and barter to get the best deals and save your limited spending money. You don’t want to incur the wrath of Lord Sweetener!

This Apprentice style team building event can be run from almost any venue. All we need is a room to start and finish in. We script each Rookie event to you, no event is the same! Once you’ve chosen a venue we research the area and local shops to draw up a unique scavenger list of wild and whacky items for you to find and buy.

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Rookie 8

The Event Format

You’ll be met at the venue of your choice by our Event Manager (Lord Sweetener) who will brief you on the task ahead. Your group will be split into teams and given identical scavenger lists.

Teams have a set amount of time to get everything on the list through any (legal!) means possible. Be prepared to charm and barter to get the best deals and beat the other teams – someone from Procurement might be useful… You need to prioritise your purchases, what will be easiest and cheapest to get hold of? Who’s likely to be bartered down the most?

Once the time is up, reconvene at the venue to be assessed by Lord Sweetener. You’ll be marked on the number of items you’ve managed to collect and the money remaining. Will you have bought the most for the least?

The winning team is ‘hired’ on a six figure salary (£000,000) and awarded gold medals! The losing teams get ‘fired’, but don’t worry; not to a greasy spoon café… call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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What Our Customers Have Said..

Everyone loved the activity! Lotte and her team were brilliant. When they came back from their "treasure hunt" they were all much more animated and involved and argued their cases very well indeed in the spirit of the "boardroom". We would definitely recommend this to our colleagues around the firm.

Clifford Chance LLP