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Team Cohesion, Light Hearted Competition, Motivate, Work Under Pressure

Taken Team Building Event

Complete the Challenges, Rescue the Documents

In a seemingly normal meeting, our cunning cat burglar sneaks in and steals a briefcase full of ‘vital’ company documents in front of your very eyes!

Our lead investigator briefs you on how to track down the documents using iPads with state-of-the-art Treasure Hunt software. The tablets lead you on a trail to mystery locations where you will have to find covert field agents and solve fiendish puzzles.

The fastest team of budding detectives who recovers the ‘Taken’ briefcase first will win the praise of their business leaders and no doubt tokens of gratitude for averting commercial disaster.

Groups find this a really exciting event, ideal for running alongside a company meeting or conference. It is particularly easy to ‘theme’ this treasure hunt to work within the business context.

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The Event Format

This event can be run from almost any location in the UK, including your offices. Your guests can either be informed of the plan or, more interestingly, completely unaware of events about to unfold.

After the theft, teams will be issued iPads and the competition begins. Showing your location, and that of the other teams, the software gives you ‘hotspots’ to seek out, where you will meet a character, complete a puzzle and work out the answers to the questions.

Do it right and you’ll earn points which instantly update to the live scoreboard, do it wrong and you’ll see the other teams’ scores overtake yours!

This real-time feed keeps the day tense and competitive right up to the end with an adrenaline fuelled dash to beat your competitors!

The script and challenge questions can be tailored to you, and iPad graphics can be customised with your company logos.

Exciting Extras

This treasure hunt can be run on foot or in various vehicles, including Black Cabs in London, or incorporating our Rib speedboats! call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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What Our Customers Have Said..

I have heard nothing but positive comments about the event; our MD, Paul Brazier who the surprise was for spent the whole afternoon with a huge grin on his face and was likened to a Cheshire cat or the cat that got the cream!  He was in his element pretending to be Mr Bond, James Bond.