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Approx. 6 hours

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New Forest/ Solent


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The Parmesan Job II

For the ultimate teambuilding day out, we offer the Parmesan Job II. Based on our highly successful original Parmesan Job event this day doesn’t hold back; teams range over land and then sea in pursuit of the elusive gold…

Not only do you get to drive a fleet of Fiat 500s around the beautiful New Forest National Park, you then take to the water in our stunning identical Rib powerboats flying across The Solent in high speed close formation manoeuvres. This is the ultimate high adrenaline, high specification fun teambuilding event.

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Event Format

The Parmesan Job 2 takes place exclusively in the New Forest National Park in Hampshire. The Park borders the Solent which is the famous sheltered sea area between the Isle of Wight and the mainland.

The day will start with the Event Manager (shady gang member) briefing you on the heist. Each team will be presented with a briefcase containing clues and iPads. The iPads are loaded with state-of-the-art treasure hunt software.

A live map will display the locations of clues and characters - only when you’re at each ‘hotspot’ will you be able to answer the clues. Every team’s score is instantly updated to the live scoreboard and their locations displayed on the map – this real-time dynamic makes the day tense, competitive and great fun, as you strive to beat your competitors!

Teams will drive their Fiats to a series of hotspots where they meet shady characters, undertake key challenges and solve problems. The trail leads to a port where a fleet of Ribs spirit you across the Solent to the Isle of Wight.

The teams gather together for the grand finale. We don’t quite ’blow the bloody doors off’ but the stage pyrotechnics add to the excitement, and only the winning team will have the combination to crack the safe and retrieve the gold.


For a truly memorable day or perhaps even when running the event with customers as guests, we can integrate helicopters flying you at low level across the Solent before soaring over the Needles lighthouse to create a truly extraordinary experience.

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“WOW! What a day! Our experience with you was amazing and certainly better than any of us had expected! 

Lotte was an amazing host, she has really mastered keeping professional and totally silly at the same time. She was great at getting us all hyped up for the day and kept us laughing throughout!”

Pepper Jam