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Newsletter September 2005

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We are now in our 16th year and it is proving to be the busiest yet. Two new records have been broken; nine events in one day and 30 events in one week! Our new enhanced premises have been crucial in achieving this level of activity. 

In this newsletter you will find some of our most successful recent event offerings. You may already be speaking with us, but if you're not, you can find supporting information on our website. Also your can view our clients and what they say.

Christmas Events 2005

It may seem strange thinking about Christmas when it's the middle of summer! However, Christmas is a popular time and the availability of event venues / hotels is a real issue as the season approaches. 

This year, our Christmas Treasure Hunt has a new character; Terry the Turkey. He's on the loose and hoping to avoid Christmas Dinner, so your team must track him down and bring him home to roost. This is great fun for a daytime event. As an alternative why not plan a London Treasure Hunt with a Christmas theme?

Of course, Quizzes and Murder Mysteries are always very popular events and we have a variety of new themes and ideas for Christmas this year, as well as some new highly creative murder techniques. 

Other fun events include Chocolate Making, the Stocks and Shares Game and a variety of mind blowing party theme ideas.

Things that 'Go Bump in the Night'

Before Christmas, don't forget there's Halloween and November 5th!!

Halloween is obviously a really great time for a ghastly ghostly Murder Mystery event, and by the way, can you -

Remember, Remember - 'Murder in the Mews' by Agatha Christie? Then why not let us provide a very special Guy Fawkes event for you!

Team Building Events

Our Spy School and Go Mad in the Country events are still among the most popular team building themes. We continue to improve and add to these old favourites. 

Camping has also been popular this year as the warm weather has encouraged people to get close to nature. Hunt the New Forest Beast has really got imaginations whirring and I'm sure that our roving beast has surprised and perplexed a few locals!

Progressive in the Media

parmesanYou may have seen us on the global CNN program Business Traveller. 

Our Parmesan Job Treasure Hunt was covered in an episode about corporate entertainment. 

Teams visited locations in the New Forest driving Mini Coopers. 

The event was shown as an example of the more creative products on offer. 

We have also been covered by the BBC for their news website and this will go live any moment.


Conferences and Events in the New Forest

With the recent formation of the New Forest National Park this is becoming 'the place to be seen'. Not only do you have the stunning setting of the forest, you are surrounded by top quality hotels and some of the finest water sports facilities in the world.

We cordially invite you to join us for a whistle stop tour of the top venues in The New Forest.

Open Days with Progressive Resources

We are continually running 'open days' so that you can meet us and see what we have to offer.

We recently organized an open day at Coltsford Mill at Oxted in Surrey, which was very well attended. Also we ran an open house in conjunction with Southampton Football Club (despite a successful day, we were unable to affect events at the club last season!). 

If you would like to attend one of our other open days near to you, please just contact us and we will add you to the list for your particular area. Just let us know how far you are prepared to travel and any particular aspect that you are interested in exploring. 

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