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Team Building Away Days

Team building away days allow team members a break from the office and the opportunity to 'get away from it all'. Increasingly, companies prefer to save money by not having a night away in a hotel and instead arrange a thorough and well-organised event over a single day.

Our most popular teambuilding away day options include our legendary Country Sports and Crystal Challenge events – both are fantastic days out involving a mixture of cerebral and physical challenges. Country Sports is full of fun teambuilding activities, including whacky (and quacky) tasks such as duck herding!

If you and your team want to get out and about, we have a range of Treasure Hunt events. For our ultimate flagship away day, you can't beat The Parmesan Job II! This premium day out takes you across the New Forest National Park, driving your own Fiat 500 on a mad hunt for gold in a crazy Italian Job themed event. Our iPads with clever treasure hunt software will keep you guessing as you seek out 'hot spots' on the live map.

This incendiary event will have you "blowin' the bloody doors off!" a van full of gold before the crime caper takes to the water in our Rib powerboats… For an away day to never be forgotten, we can take your group from land and sea into the air with helicopters!

Quads Gladiator Joust Great London Monk character

What is an Away Day?

We find it strange that terms like 'Away day', 'Offsite day', or 'Strategy day' can cause so much dread. Corporate away days are an excellent way to improve team cohesion and inspire new ideas for the workspace. They do however require proper planning and effective management to be productive. With 35 years of experience, we've learnt that away days need to be planned to achieve your goals from the outset. 

We have used our experience to design and maintain such a diversity of events and activities that we're prepared to fulfil your requirements, whatever they may be. With that in mind, allow us to take the stress of planning off your hands and avoid the pitfalls that can make planning an away day a nightmare!


The Benefits of an Away Day!

Team building away days have been shown to have several benefits if done correctly! Modern working practices make it common for people who work together daily to have never met! Team building away days can be fantastic tools to foster good working relationships, improve communication and cement relationships whether the team works ‘face to face’ or virtually. 

Most importantly, they need to be planned with business-relevant goals in mind. Whether you'd like to boost teamwork, increase creativity, improve idea production, mitigate conflict, create team cohesion, or for an excellent excuse to get out of the office, blow off some steam and boost team morale! Fortunately, we have organised events to suit all purposes, tell us what you want to achieve, and we'll suggest an event to make it happen. 

An outside organisation facilitates the best Away Days. Bringing in outside expert help adds something extra to the day and will turn your Offsite Day into something to remember. Teambuilding companies have plenty of expertise in bringing out the best in people. It's what we do all year round. 

Finally, an Away Day should be just that, away from the office. People will be much less likely to become distracted and more likely to participate if they're out of their usual working environment. Choice of the venue, then, is imperative. We have intimate relationships with hundreds of venues nationwide and can help you make the best choice for your away day. 


Indoor Team Building Away Days

At certain times of the year, an outdoor event is not an appealing prospect. Competitive indoor away day ideas include Chocolate Making, iPad Movie Making, or the Indoor Crystal Challenge, which requires your team to work together to solve a series of mental challenges. For a more extensive event option that promotes non-competitive collaboration, our Together We Can event utilises a handful of our most popular indoor events and asks your team to complete a portion of each task before delegating the rest to another group. Each group will collaborate to achieve several goals over the course of the day. This event certainly offers its own challenges and a more comprehensive team building day.


Team Building Away Days in the city

Don't worry if you can't get away from your workplace; we can still change your environment to give you a break from the routine. Try a Hidden Quest Treasure Hunt, where we write a bespoke treasure hunt to your location and discover secrets you never knew about your surrounding area!

During our more than 30 years as a leading corporate event provider, we've worked with hundreds of venues in towns and cities nationwide. We can suggest some great venues near you.

These are just a few ideas for company away days. Call us on 01590 676599 for further information or fill in this form, and we will send more details.

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