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6 Great Icebreakers for Team Building


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What Are Icebreakers?

Icebreaker activities are rapid, energetic experiences designed to ‘break the ice’ at a conference or meeting.

Why Are Icebreakers Important?

Icebreakers are designed to break down barriers within a group, helping people feel more comfortable, energised and receptive to the day ahead!

What are 6 Great Icebreakers for Team Building?

Drumming icebreakerDrumming Icebreaker

This is a fantastic group icebreaker event for any meeting or conference and will quickly dispel gloom and enthuse everybody.


Ultimate Challenge IcebreakerUltimate Challenge  icebreaker

The Ultimate Challenge Icebreaker is sure to get your group energised with dozens of fast paced, fiddly and fun mini-challenges to be completed within an hour!


1hr Treasure Hunt IcebreakerTreasure Hunt icebreakers

This energising icebreaker will have your group split into teams and hunting for clues in and around your conference venue. Using our iPads, loaded with cunning Treasure Hunt software you’ll be led on an exciting and interactive team building ice breaker quest.


Egg Toss IcebreakerEgg Toss icebreaker

You’re tasked to create a clever contraption to propel an egg as far as possible. Issued with equipment that includes everything you need to construct a trebuchet or catapult, but you’ll have to think creatively to fling your missile the furthest!


Haka Workshop Haka icebreaker

This traditional and ancient Maori tribal dance acts as a powerful team icebreaker for a conference, or as a fantastic team building activity. It brings people together and gives them a shared experience that they will certainly never forget!


Boombastic IcebreakerBoomwhackers icebreaker

This electrifying energiser is one of our brilliant conference or meeting icebreaker activities where, armed with a 'Boomwhacker', your group is transformed into a Boombastic orchestra.


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