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Can you impress 'Lord Sweetener'?


The Apprentice is about to start its 13th season of the show and there are one or two pretty big fans of the show in the office who are finding it hard to contain their excitement… no wonder we’ve decided to create an entire event based around the show!

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The Rookie

The Rookie is our take on the apprentice, gather your group before our very own Lord/Lady Sweetener who will brief them on the event. Split into teams, each will be given a set amount of cash… now don’t rush to the pub just yet.. each team will also be given a list of items to procure from the local area by any LEGAL means possible.

This event inspires leadership, creativity as well as a pinch of charm as your team attempt to cross off every item while spending the least amount of cash.

To wrap up, you will have to explain to Lord/Lady Sweetener and the board how you acquired each item in a final presentation in a bid to earn extra points.

Once every team has delivered their pitch the scores it’s left to the decision of Lord/Lady Sweetener… Will you be hired or fired?!

This event is perfect for any group size and can be run on-foot or in black cabs, for more information call our events team on 0800 975 0728 or email

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