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Eggcellent Easter traditions


The celebration known as Easter, is nearly upon us.

In the U.K. and Northern Ireland, Easter Sunday will fall on April 4th this year. What Easter traditions do you still enjoy and share with family and close friends? Perhaps you have never thought about enjoying any Easter traditions so here are a few suggestions. Are you a boiled egg decorator, an egg roller ( chasing boiled eggs down steep hills) or an egg hunter ( searching for chocolate eggs around the house and garden). Are you able to dance ( preferably sober) among eggs while keeping them undamaged- perhaps made more difficult by wearing a blindfold?! This could lead to comments such as ... having a smashing time (groan)!

The Easter Bunny may be part of your Easter celebration and it arrives with a basket full of chocolate eggs or chocolate rabbits to be enjoyed throughout Easter Sunday.

Hot Cross Buns ( I can feel a song coming on!) are traditionally eaten on Good Friday but are now available all year round!

Maybe, your close family will be able to meet and enjoy a traditional roast lamb lunch. But the star of the meal maybe an Easter bread such as Simnel Cake. Simnel cake is making a comeback in the U.K.

This cake is associated with Lent and Easter. It is distinguished by layers of almond paste or marzipan, typically one in the middle and one on top and a set of 11 balls made of the same paste. This delicious cake is more commonly associated with Easter Sunday.

At The Team building Company we have eggzactly the event you're looking for this Easter, our Virtual Chocolate Making is a 'cracking' choice or get cretaive with our Virtual Art Masterclass!   


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