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Energising Icebreaker Activities


Icebreakers are a Great Way to Start or Finish a Meeting or Conference.

As the name suggests, icebreakers are designed to ‘break the ice’ helping to make people feel more comfortable, awake and energised. Which is essentially for those long but important meetings.

These short but energetic experiences are great for groups of people who don’t typically work together.

Boomwackers Icebreaker

Tim Hallett suggests that work icebreakers should be used when:

  • Participants come from different work backgrounds
  • People need to bond quickly so as to work towards a common goal
  • Your team is newly formed
  • The topics you are discussing are new or unfamiliar to many people involved
  • As a facilitator you need to get to know your participants and have them know you better

It’s worth bringing in an external outfit to run these types of work events, the benefits of doing so are that it not only relives internal stress for conference or meeting organisers but it also adds a professional touch which also indicates that the firm is dedicated to investing in employee engagement.

We have a catalogue of work icebreakers to suit any event, our team can help you choose the right activity for your group based on numbers, timings and venue. Whether it’s tapping into your creative side in our Junk Funk event or getting pumped up with our HAKA masters!

Below is a list of our top five icebreakers:


What look like simple bits of plastic tubing, transform a room into a sea of colour and harmonised tunes (eventually) as your group learn to work together in creating a single melody.

Ultimate Challenge

Over 100 different challenges, split into teams, you will have to work against the clock in adjudicated time slots to complete as many as you can within an hour!


Our HAKA masters demand the attention of the room the moment they step in, experience the power they generate and join in with the ancient tribal tradition!

Funky Junk

It might look like household and garden junk to most, however our rhythm masters teach you to create a funky beat worthy of the West End…

Egg Toss

Using an array of different materials, teams are given 30 minutes to design and construct their very own egg launching trebuchets before pitting them against each other to see which team can launch their egg the furthest!

If you’ve got an upcoming meeting or conference that could benefit from an energising icebreaker then please give our sales team a call on 01590 676599 or email   

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