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Happy World Animal Day!


Here at TBCo we feel the best way to celebrate World Animal Day is to write a lovely blog about all the animals we encounter on our events…

Ducks & Geese

Obviously one of our favourite activities… Duck Herding! Participants get to work as a team to manoeuvre a gaggle of geese or ducks back into their pen, this activity works really well alongside our Country Sports event.

Duck Herding client

Birds of Prey

Sticking with the bird theme, we come onto our birds of prey… Falconry is yet another spectacular Country Sports activity, which can also be booked as a stand-alone experience for a small group. This activity leaves everyone in awe; watch as our Falconer displays these stunning birds of prey to the delight and rapture of your group.

  Country Sports Falconry - Harris Hawk


We get the joys of playing with our dogs on our Duck Herding event! Participants will learn how to control the sheep/duck–dogs to work as a team to herd the birds. We can also offer sheep herding and gun dog handling!

Duck Herding

Country Estate Friends

The joys of most of the venues we work with means we bump into many animals out and about… from New Forest pigs at Rhinefield House to peacocks at Larmer Tree.

Country friends!

Water Friends

If you have a go on our Solent Rib Treasure Hunt or Corporate Sailing Days you may be lucky enough to spot a few water animals. This season we have had clients and skippers spotting lots of dolphins and seals!


Office Friends

Where we are based in the New Forest means we sometimes have some very interesting visitors, from ducks trying to find the local pond to Shetland ponies… (We’re still not sure how we ended up with this visitor).


We are proud to say these animals are some of the best treated and well pampered around. The welfare of our little friends is top priority!


World Animal Day

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