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Here We Go Again


Mamma Mia here I go again

My my, how can I resist ya?


It’s the song stuck in everyone’s head since Mamma Mia 2 hit the screens!

ABBA songs are loved by all (even by those who don’t admit it), so here is our little ABBA tribute, linked to our teambuilding events of course…

Client costume iPad Movie Making I Have a Dream

 A dream or a vision… our iPad Movie Making event allows you and your team to create  the perfect movie masterpiece, whether that be an iconic musical such as Mamma Mia or  something more related to your   business.



Thank You for the Music… the Songs I’m SingingTB PerfectHarmony

Time to sing it loud and proud on our Perfect Harmony event! A fantastic Icebreaker for a large group, this energiser will have your group singing any ABBA song in perfect harmony…


Moris Dancing Dancing Queen

 From Morris Dancing to Dehli Dancing, our choreographers will get you shimmying  around, releasing your inner dancing queen!



Money, Money, MoneySMC Trading Scrum 1

Get a feel for the frantic rush of Wall Street on our Stocks and Shares team building challenge where all you will be thinking is Money, Money, Money!



Telephone box challenge Waterloo

  Just one of the places you can start one of our London Treasure Hunts…



Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)Black Jack Clients

Of course we cannot offer you a man after midnight, however you can become a Millionaire by Midnight!



Medals The Winner Takes it all

 We don’t like losers standing small however we do congratulate the winners of our  competitive teambuilding events with lovely gold medals!



Our Last SummerTeamwork

We have over 50 different events meaning you can come back every year and do something different to what you did last summer.


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