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July's Blog is bought to you by Brogan!


This months blog is a little different...... at our offices we have had the pleasure of welcoming a fantastic Year 10 placement student for a two week work experience, giving them a taste of what it's like to work in our industry. Brogan has been kept busy both in the office and in the field experiencing what its like to work in this busy and ever changing environment. 

Here are a few words from Brogan himself sharing his thoughts and experience so far.  

'The team building company is an amazing company which specialise in bringing companies together to have a fun and enjoyable time. I have already one my first week, and it has been brilliant. I spent the week taking part in helping with Country SportsBlack Cab Treasure Hunts, family fun days and an amazing experience on one of their interesting Rib Blast. The Teambuilding Company is highly recommended as I have seen companies having the time of their lives enjoying all the activities and sessions, coming together and having an amazing time. I have also been working in the office with some fantastic and lovely people. They have been very friendly and welcoming - it has been a huge pleasure to work with them. I am looking forward for my final week at The Team Building Company and I will be very disappointed to leave. However, I will be very exited and would love to work for them in the future. 

What have I loved:

One activity I loved was the London Treasure Hunt event as I saw breath taking views of the Tower of London and got to meet a range of people taking part.

What has been challenging:

One thing I found challenging was going on the Rib and holding on for dear life as it was very wavy, and the weather was crazy.

What surprised me:

I was surprised with the Axe Throwing event, as it had so many people engaged and looked so interesting. I thought it would be frightening and intimidating and it wasn't.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have Brogan with us - he has been polite, confident and efficient and has completed every task given to him with a smile on his face. His school and parents should be very proud.

*Banner picture taken by Brogan Light*  

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