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Need a Christmas Event?


As of Thursday this week we are officially out of lockdown and reverting back to the tiered system. There’s an exciting change this time round with the allowance of indoor & outdoor events for participants of up to 1,000 people in tier one & two areas. 

It’s December 1st which means we are now ‘officially’ on the countdown towards Christmas (now that has come around quickly)! We have started to take bookings for events to bring teams together for some much needed non-digital interaction. 

It goes without saying that we’ve worked hard at putting in protocols to keep our events adhering to the current rules and as safe as possible. 

The perfect crime

Our CSI event is potentially the greatest option for any group in this socially distanced time as it literally requires teams to dress head to toe in PPE… what could be more fitting?! Your group is called in to investigate a high end murder case, a body has been discovered and your event room transformed into a crime scene. Before entering your group is briefed, split into teams and geared up with full disposable boiler suits, gloves, face masks and eye coverings. 

On entry, teams will find the room set out and the scene split into sections. In your smaller teams you will have to work your way around the room, analyzing various clues as you go, to catch the killer! building Event 0011 (Medium)

Mystery, murder and… Christmas?

For those who are still in tier 3 or would like to keep up social distancing, don’t fret, we have the solution for you with our virtual Murder Mystery Event

Much like our live action version, we encourage participants to get dressed up, it all adds to the experience! Some of the costumes that we have seen have been wonderful, we’ve had Peaky Blinders at the 1920’s show and full scary makeup at Little House of Horrors…it’s great fun!

To add that touch of ‘festive spirit’ we even have a Christmas themed Murder Mystery script, find out who killed Santa as the thrilling narrative unfolds before you. 

Murder Mystery death

It’s not too late

We still have dates available throughout December so please get in touch if you would like more information on any of our events, give our team a call on 01590 676599.

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