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New Teambuilding Events!


With the summer season upon us we thought it would be a good time to launch our brand new teambuilding events – Psyclone 17 and Monopoly Treasure Hunt!


Psyclone 17 Banner

Cyber hackers have loaded a virus 'Psyclone 17' onto the company’s database which will become active at midnight. The hackers have devised a ‘game’ to give employees an opportunity to stop the virus from going live. Employees will be split into teams and compete against the clock to successfully complete as many challenges as they can. The two teams with the highest amount of points will go head to head in the event finale to crack the code and stop the virus.

This event can be run from almost any location in the UK, including your offices. Your guests can either be informed of the plan or, more interestingly, be completely unaware of events about to unfold.

Psyclone 17 is a great alternative for those who have previously done our Taken Treasure Hunt or Hidden Quest Treasure Hunt!

p17 Treasure Hunt clients




Monopoly Treasure Hunt Banner

Everyone loves the traditional board game that takes you down Oxford Street, Mayfair and Bond Street… but don’t worry, we won’t be forcing you to sit around a table rolling dice to re-create ‘family games night’ with your co-workers. Instead we’ve created our very own spin on the classic game that requires clever planning, quick thinking and a good eye!

Our Monopoly Treasure Hunt is the perfect way to explore London, see the sights that the UK’s capital city has to offer as you race around earning points by completing location based challenges. This is a great alternative to our Great London Treasure Hunt!

Black Cab clients tablet Great London team spelling 


To find out more about our two new events, give our Sales Team a call on 01590 676599!


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