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Organising a Teambuilding Event Checklist


Everyone dreads being asked to arrange this year’s teambuilding event… where do you start? What will everyone enjoy? Who do I go to? 

Here at The Teambuilding Company we can help you arrange your whole teambuilding event from what activity to do to where to stay. We have come up with a checklist to help you start planning:  


  • Who’s coming?

Best one to start off with… is it a small group of five Managing Directors or will there a few hundred employees? Once we know numbers we can work out what venues will be appropriate and what activities will suit the group size best.

Crystal Challenge indoor team building  Team 3

  • Where are you looking to run your event?

Location can sometimes be a deciding factor on an event so it is important to know roughly where you are looking to run your event…

Is everyone in the same place or is the group coming from all over the World? Do you need to be close to a train station or airport, or is your group looking to go somewhere remote away from distractions for a weekend?




  • Do you require a venue?

We are a completely mobile company so can set up absolutely anywhere, whether that’s in your offices or a local restaurant to an exclusive hotel. We work at venues across the UK using hotels, stately homes and conference centres which host our activities and we can always suggest some venues in your preferred location.



  • What do you require from a venue?

Is the event just a morning conference followed by an indoor teambuilding event or are you looking to exclusively book a venue with a spa for a three day retreat with grounds to do a Country Sports event?

ARgocat Ready, Steady, Bake! room shot


  • Are you looking to stick within a certain price bracket?

Sometimes people are not given a budget and simply asked to get a range of quotes to have a look through, however if you do have a certain price bracket you are looking to stick between then it’s a great way to determine what activities and venues would be good for your requirements.

Helicopter over Ribs

  • The Teambuilding Event

Last but certainly not least, what Teambuilding event are you looking to do? Some groups know exactly what they are looking for however sometimes you can be completely open to suggestions… if you don’t know what type of event you are looking to run, here are a few things to think about:

  • Are you looking to meet any objectives?

  • Do you have a preference on indoors or outdoors events?

  • What have you done in previous years?

At The Teambuilding Company we offer a huge range of events and can help you with the planning process from the start, so to find out more give our events team a call on 01590 676599!








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