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Spy School Shake Up


This summer we re-launched one of our classic events… Spy School. With a mixture of new activities designed to test your field skills being added, practice hand to hand combat and then tap into your resourcefulness to light a fire and cook your field rations ‘popcorn’.

At a location of your choice, our highly mobile spy training facilities will set up camp and put your teams through their paces to deem if they’re worthy enough to join the ranks as ‘00’ status agents. The event starts off with a briefing from ‘Q’ on what’s instore for the day, following this your group is split into teams to rotate around the various different activities attempting to score as highly as possible on each.

Spy School - Pulse Ranger

Take down exploding targets, showcase your driving abilities (or lack of) by navigating a course blindfolded or take out an opposing team in Pulse Ranger… this event will require a mixture of strengths and abilities, therefore making teamwork essential!

So put down your martinis and roll up your sleeves to get stuck into this full on day of activities, perfect for motivating and rewarding your staff!

If you’d like to find out more information on our Spy School event then please contact our operatives on 01590 676599 or email

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