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Team Building vs Team Bonding


Is there a difference between team building and team bonding?

Team bonding? Team SkiTo start the investigation, we look into how the Oxford Dictionary defines ‘bonding’ and ‘building’.


‘The establishment of a relationship or link with someone based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences.’


‘The creation or development of something over a period of time.’

The above definitions would suggest that when adding team before each word, ‘bonding’ is about having fun and building relationships as a team, whereas ‘building’ is about developing a team’s skills, for example, by investing in individual skills and the groups’ working dynamics to create more efficient and effective ways of working together.

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In conclusion, the significant difference between team building and team bonding is the desired outcome, so it’s important before booking an event to know whether you are looking to improve a key team skill or improve relationships within your team.

Here at The Teambuilding Company, we found that team building and team bonding can be the same thing.  Our events are designed to promote key skills used within a team such as communication, problem solving, leadership etc. but also with the main objective for participants to have fun and bond as a team…

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The Cambridge Dictionary defines ‘Team Building’ as “the process of encouraging members of a group to work well together, for example by having them take part in activities or games” ~ this would imply that team building, and team bonding can be the same thing.

Our top 3 events that promote both team building and team bonding are:

  1. Perfect Teambuilding

  2. Crystal Challenge

  3. Ultimate Challenge

We have plenty more activities to choose from, check out our website or give us a call on 01590 607101.

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