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Team Work = Dream Work


Teamwork = Dreamwork


As the summer comes to an end, we reflect on the successful outdoor events we've delivered, and one event that stands out is the Dragon boat race. This event not only brought people together but also highlighted the importance of collaboration and teamwork among ourselves.


Collaborating for Success

Delivering this race required us to work closely with our sister company, Floating Pontoon Hire. Their expertise in installing pontoon systems ensured the safety of our staff and clients during the event. By collaborating and sharing resources, we were able to create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.


Working Towards a Common Goal

The event brought together teams from various companies, all working towards the common goal of winning the race. This event showcased the power of teamwork and how individuals can come together to achieve something great. Each team had to communicate effectively, synchronise their actions, and paddle in harmony to propel their boat forward.


Creating Happy Faces in the Sunshine

As the sun shone brightly overhead, the Dragon boat race created many happy faces. The excitement, adrenaline, and sheer joy of participating in the event were contagious. It was a day filled with laughter, friendly competition, and a sense of camaraderie among the teams.


Reflecting on the End of Summer

From the Crystal Challenge to the Country Sports activities, we've brought people together, fostered team spirit, and created lasting memories. We're proud to have delivered top-notch outdoor events that have left a smile on everyone's face.

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