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Top Tips To Relieve Isolation Boredom


It’s Friday... and in most people’s book the best day of the week but this friday’s different just like last Friday was and next Friday will be. 

We’re not going out, we don’t have any plans or possible plans, we’re staying in doing nothing? No, quite the opposite we’re doing everything! 

How many times have you lost touch with friends and family because you’re just too busy? Not played that board game that was bought at Christmas? Stared at something in the house that needs doing but never gets done? 

Yes isolation is tedious, self distancing is hard but we will hopefully never be in this position again so we have to see the positives and remind ourselves why we are doing this...but how? How do we relieve the boredom? 

Here are a few of our tips!

Play games

Board games, card games, virtual games, dust off those covers and get back to basics with some quality family time. If your on your own play with friends via FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp or download an app such as 'Houseparty' which allows 4 different households to play at once! 



Arrange virtual Friday drinks

Obviously this does mean you can’t make an excuse for not turning up or being late! Make the time to speak to friends, family and to check in on those that have no one else.



Dig out that paintbrush!

Set yourself tasks to do around your home, repaint that room, spend some time gardening, dare I say it... clean your oven (a lot of people’s most hated task!) 


Keep active

If your lucky enough to have one - spend time in the garden, go to a virtual gym class, take advantage of your daily exercise with a brief walk or run and appreciate the beauty of what is all around us



Learn some new skills

Enrol on an online course, get inventive in the kitchen, brush up on your general knowledge, now is the time to improve ourselves and build on our existing skills sets. 



Look after your own well-being

Read a book, take a long bath, paint your nails or listen to a podcast and take time to contemplate.




We’re going to have bad days, days when we don’t want to get out of bed, days when we feel like this has gone on forever but we’re not going to give in, we can’t, we’re going to carry on because we’re in this together 

Brighter days are coming and when they are here we will be ready to enjoy them with a fresh outlook on life, healthy, refreshed, revived and appreciative of everything we have. 


Happy Friday from us all at The Teambuilding Company!



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