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What events can we offer with social distancing?


People are beginning to think about getting their teams together now restrictions are being eased and are asking us the question - what events can you offer with social distancing? 

Well at the moment we are obviously restricted with the 6 person rule but we are confident this will be extended soon and with a 2 metre social distancing rule, which again we are hoping will be relaxed shortly, there are still plenty of great outdoor events that we can offer! 


Country sports 

What better event to offer your teams after being trapped within their own four walls for what seems like an eternity than a day out in the fresh air with some fabulous activities to take part in! From duck herding to segways, air pistols to human table football, there is lots to choose from!

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Crystal Challenge 

With tasks to challenge all age groups and differing physical abilities this is sure to be a crowd pleaser! 

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Perfect Teambuild 

If you can’t choose between the two activities above, why not opt for this as a perfect combination of the pair? Choose a mixture of activities from both our country sports and crystal challenge to provide your teams with the penultimate event


The Olympic Games 

With the actual Olympic Games having to be postponed until 2021 why not host your own? 

With three different zones of activities, head to head, team sports and track and field, there is a wide range of activities to compete in before the scores are compiled and the top three teams are taken to the podium to be presented with their gold, silver or bronze medal! 

160921 Team Build Aggregate 007


Outdoor Crime Scene Investigation 

Do you have some budding detectives within your team? Kitted out in forensic suits, your teams will need to explore the evidence, interview suspects and work together to find the murderer! building Event 0057


More and more of our events will become available as the restrictions are lifted but these are just a few of the activities that we can currently confidently offer with social distancing in a safe, outdoor environment. 


With us, you can book, confident in the knowledge that your health and safety is at the forefront of our business. All of our event staff have a mutual goal - to ensure that your teams are kept safe whilst still getting the full enjoyment from the day that they deserve! 

For more information on any of the events we offer, please give our events team a call to discuss your requirements on: 0800 975 0728 and they will happy to help! 


Let us help you to get your teams back together! 


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