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April Showers


April Showers"March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers”

Being based in the UK, we are used to rainy weather whatever time of year, however there are specific reasons why April might be more associated with rain…

At this time of year, the UK is in transition between the cold winter months and the warmer summer months. The jet steam starts to move further north, which can bring the first signs of warmth, consequently, temperatures rise and the ground heats up. As the warm air rises it cools and condenses, forming clouds.

The Met Office explains how ‘showers’ are erratic bursts of rain coming from induvial cumulus clouds. The clouds build energy and when they are large enough, they turn into cumulonimbus clouds which results in thunderstorms.


What does this mean for us?Wet weather can be fun!

It means we can expect some rain in the upcoming month but not to let this put us off getting outside, rain doesn’t stop play here at The Teambuilding Company!

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