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Crystal Challenge Revamp!


Our most popular teambuilding event has to be our Crystal Challenge, designed to challenge your teams’ abilities to think quickly outside the box on a selection of purpose built team activities.

Crystal Challenge team building  

Taking inspiration from the Crystal Maze TV show, we have designed these unique, fun and engaging team puzzles which require your team to work together effectively in order to complete each one.

Our operations team have been busy revamping and creating some new Crystal Challenge activities over the winter, ready for the busy summer season ahead…Dilithium Run, Plexus Puzzles and Interlocker have all been re-designed to keep our kit updated and the best out in the field!

Crystal Challenge Dilithium Run Crystal Challenge Plexus Puzzles Crystal Challenge Interlocker game


‘Pipeline’ has been introduced to our Outdoor Crystal Challenge event! Teams have to create a pipeline to transport ball bearings from a start platform, via each of the floating platforms, back to the start platform. This activity is designed to help a range of team key skills, including communication, planning, teamwork, trust and leadership!

Crystal Challenge PipeLine game 

If you are interested in finding out more about our Indoor or Outdoor Crystal Challenge event, or would like to book one for your team, give us a call on 01590 676599!

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