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Happy Forth of July!


Each year on July 4th, millions of Americans all over the world celebrate Independence Day.

The history bit!

Independence Day in America marks the date back in 1776 when Americans broke away from being ruled by the British and their monarch King George 111. The British had been on the continent since the 16th century.

Back then America was divided up into 13 colonies. People who lived there used to have to pay taxes to Britain, even though they didn’t have anybody to represent them in parliament. Eventually, (and who could blame them?), people had had enough of being ruled by London.

In June 1776, a group came together in Philadelphia ( Philadelphia used to be the political capital of America, not Washington) to put together a document to finally cut ties with Great Britain. The document was written, tweaked and rewritten, and after 86 changes, everyone was happy. The final version was finished on July 4th 1776 and the colonies declared themselves no longer part of the British Empire. The document was called the Declaration of Independence. Since 1938 Independence Day is a paid national holiday across the whole of the USA and is celebrated as the birth date of the nation as we know it today.

Independence Day celebrations Pre Covid

Independence Day is usually marked by lots of parades, concerts and food filled celebrations with family, friends and colleagues. Famous landmarks are lit up with bright lights and spectacular fireworks displays can be seen in some of America’s biggest cities.

What will Independence Day look like in 2021?

Cities right across America have had to cancel parades. Lots of big firework displays won’t be going ahead. However, some organisers have found creative ways to host their events. More virtual celebrations are expected to be streamed on line. For events that are still taking place, lots of people will be expected to follow social distancing rules.

We here at The Team Building Company are ready to help you with planning and hosting events to help you celebrate Independence Day, or any other celebration you wish to plan for your team with a wide range of outdoor and indoor events or even some evening activities!

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