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Our Favourite Autumn Events


We are now approaching the end of the summer season and drifting into atumn, but that doesn't mean we stop running our events... far from it! There's still plenty of time to get your fix of outdoor events this year before winter arrives, to give you some insperation, our team have listed off their favourite autumn events.

Livvy – Loves nothing more than being outside in nature and what better way to enjoy it, than by taking part in some quintessentially English Country Sports. With animal options including duck herding with sheep dogs and hands on falconry it’s a win, win for her!

James – It’s our range of Treasure Hunts that excite James. From theme based Cyber Heist, to the iconic Great London Treasure Hunt, these events ensure fun through a trail of clue solving missions around a location of your choice.

Matt – As an adrenaline junkie, Matt loves our Motorised Mayhem event. A mix of activities, including quad bikes, off road buggies and 4x4 vehicles, this is the perfect event for those wanting an exciting day!

Sally- loves nothing more than the scenic beauty of our Luxury Sailing Days. With the option to get hands on, learning the ropes (excuse the pun) or just relax with a glass of wine whilst viewing some of the best scenery the south coast has to offer.

Alex – For a love of all things 90s, it’s our Crystal Challenge that takes Alex’s top spot! From cerebral challenges such our Nasa and Micro Dot to the more physical Cypher and Chemical Rescue, groups are sure to find something for everyone.

Get in touch with us for more info on any of the above events by calling our team on 01590 676599, or head back over to our event pages which has a wealth of information and event ideas!

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