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Brain Teasers And Puzzles For Team Building Events

We have a range of brain teasers and puzzles.

We usually give teams a selection of these and invite them to solve them as they rotate around a selection of activities during a day.

The results are then used in the event of a tie, so the team's effort can be extremely important.

Some team members are more suited to mental challenges, so this gives another angle to a day to ensure that the activities appeal to as many team members as possible.

Here are some examples of brain teasers, puzzles and dingbats.

Brain Teasers

This is one of our favourites as it is relevant to a corporate client.

The following represents a single word. Try to solve it as a team - it's all about talking together: -


'Whats' Puzzles

Our 'Whats' make ideal puzzle challenges for a team building day. We give teams a list of these and they attempt to solve as many as possible. Here is an example: -

  • 365 D in a Y.

Okay, it's very easy but it is only an example. The answer is, of course, 365 days in a year. Here are some more difficult ones: -

  • 11 DS (PMR) - this is tricky because it has changed recently. Most people think it's 10 DS.
  • 21 GS
  • 52 C in a P
  • 200 for PG

Dingbat Puzzles

These are the popular puzzles that you will find in the daily newspapers. They differ from “Whats” because “Whats” form a sentence whereas Dingbats require more lateral thinking and there will not always be someone in a team who is naturally adept at this. Here are some good examples of Dingbats: -

  • Idea an
  • Black Beauty
  • Initia_
  • WRitING

These puzzles are only part of an event. As with any element of a successful day, balance is the key. Too many puzzles would be dull but adding a few to a varied day can add an extra dimension to ensure that as many interests as possible are catered for.

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