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Team Building For Call Centres

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We have extensive experience of providing team building events to call centre teams. Typically these are for larger groups, often comprising a few hundred participants. We can arrange coach transport from your location, hotel accommodation and a programme of activities that will boost morale and have your team sharing memories for the rest of the year.

Call Centre Team Building Issues

The main challenge for call centres is keeping their call centre working while the team goes off team building. One solution is to do it in two stages, so half the team go and half stay and then they switch over. A common objection to this is that it will not have the same team building outcome if the group is divided.

On the day people always have fun and share fantastic experience. However, the long term benefits of successful team building will last for months or even years. That comes from the sharing of experiences between individuals a groups and the stories that people tell about what happened as part of their ongoing social team bonding. This remains even if you do the session in two or more stages.

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