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With over 30 years of experience in delivering events to multi-national companies we are well aware of corporate social responsibility and their need to ‘give something back’ whether that be to the local community, national charities or to a current cause in the media at the time.

Research shows that consumers agree that businesses should support charities and when based on a choice between two companies that offered the same product/services for the same price, their decision would be affected by whether the company engaged with charities and their local community.

What does your company do for charity?

There a lots of reasons to consider workplace fundraising

  • First and foremost, living in a world where social media leads the way, it increases visibility and recognition of your brand, for the right reasons!
  • It strengthens your reputation as a company and paves the way for future networking and marketing opportunities
  • It boosts office morale, people like to feel they are doing something that benefits others and working for a company that believes this is important
  • It’s tax deductible!
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY if you combine your next teambuilding event with supporting a charity, not only are all of the above points covered but your staff get to join in the fun which inevitably boosts employee relations and involves all of your staff in the process


What charity events can we offer?

Tour De Team – Our flagship charity event, teams will be given a brand new dismantled bike frame with a tool kit and a workstation. In short, teams then have to complete a series of tasks to win parts to enable them to eventually, hopefully, build a fully working, high quality bike.

The charity element can be played in one of two scenarios. Either the bikes can be donated to various charities or these can be auctioned off either later in the day or on a later date with the money raised donated to a charity of your choice!

Ultimate Challenge – One of our most popular activities, teams are handed a box with over 100 challenges in a box and they must race against the clock, and each other, to complete as many of the challenges as possible. Scores are totalled at the end and the winning team walks away with the medals!

For a charitable angle, points mean prizes! Each challenge completed is worth a different level of points and for each point they receive, money is banked for the chosen charity, there will be different challenges thrown in throughout the activity for bonus amounts to be added to the pot. At the end each team will be told how much they have raised for their chosen charity and the overall total raised will be announced. At a recent event a company raised £2000.00 for the Alzheimer’s society, a nice touch was having the CEO of the Alzheimer’s society at the event to explain their cause and receive the cheque!


We are a mobile set up and as such don’t own any grounds in which to fulfil our activities however we work very closely with venues in and around the country that we can refer to you, most of our activities can be run from your company offices, should the space be available and some activities should you wish to be as cost effective as possible, don’t require any venue at all!

Our treasure hunts are a perfect example of this and as per our ultimate challenge can work on the same basis of points = cash.

We are completely flexible and can steer many of our events to your requirements and needs so please feel free to contact us with any ideas you may have and we will be happy to offer our experience and knowledge to create the perfect event for your needs.

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