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“No member of a crew is praised for the rugged individuality of his rowing.” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Collaboration is about building partnerships and working with colleagues to meet joint objectives.

This is about bringing people together, and using their knowledge, skills and talents to achieve a common goal. The combined effort is greater than the many individual efforts due to the synergy created. 

Collaboration avoids a range of unhelpful behaviours such as poor communication, lack of co-operation and suspicion. It increased mutual respect and recognition as we have a chance to appreciate and value others in our team. 

Great collaboration is about reciprocity. It is about the sharing of ideas, shared accountability and commitment. 

Collaboration is essential if organisations are going to maximise the effectiveness of their communication and teamwork. It results in the more efficient use of time and resources. Ideas are developed. Team members are more likely to be committed rather than just compliant. 

Team events are an effective way for teams to focus on the issues around collaboration and the benefits that come from working collaboratively towards one common goal.

Fun Team Challenges And Collaborative Learning

Amongst our portfolio of team building activities. We have a number of options that promote the idea of working as a team towards to one common goal. By stripping away the competitive element, your team can function in a way that sees them support and help each other throughout the duration of the task. 

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