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Delhi Dancing Icebreaker

Energising Eastern Icebreaker!

This colourful, choreographed icebreaker will have everyone shimmying and shaking along with our brilliant Bollywood dancers.

Once split into teams, you’ll be taught some characteristically Indian dance movements and shown how to combine these into a fantastic routine. Each team learns a slightly different dance which when performed simultaneously combines into a superb group effort!

Our genuine Bollywood performers will make your group feel completely at ease; any nervous performers will soon be spinning and twirling with the best of them… We will provide costumes, props and even give you a red painted bindi if you wish.

The confidence gained from overcoming any performance fears is just part of the hugely beneficial team building and bonding effect this Icebreaker has. Your group will be laughing, smiling and raring for the day ahead. The light exercise will have started brains running and provided a great talking point for the rest of the day to ‘break the ice!’

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Delhi Dancing Icebreaker 














For a real performing challenge, we are able to extend this Icebreaker and give you the beginning and end movements of a dance. Each team is then tasked to choreograph their own short dance sequence to perform to the others.

A little competition fuels this colourful challenge as teams become really enthusiastic about their performances. The finale is a fantastic display of incredible Indian dancing with teams feeling a genuine sense of accomplishment as they take a bow…

Delhi Dancing works brilliantly as an Icebreaker at conferences to energise delegates for the group meetings ahead. After a long, productive day then why not end on a high with an Indian Cuisine Team cooking challenge? call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today! 

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