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Haka Workshop Team Icebreakers

A Spine Tingling, Unifying Icebreaker

This traditional and ancient Maori tribal dance acts as a powerful team icebreaker for a conference, or as a fantastic team building activity. It brings people together and gives them a shared experience that they will certainly never forget!

Made famous by the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team, the Haka is an ancient and sacred dance. It can be a war cry or a challenge, but it is also performed to welcome distinguished guests or to acknowledge great occasions, achievements or birthdays and is even performed at funerals.

Historically Maori warriors performed the Haka before a battle, it was a mighty display of their strength and prowess – intended to boost the morale of Maori warriors and intimidate the opposition…

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Haka WorkShop Team Icebreakers

Your Haka - What Happens?

Just as guests are getting comfortable in the conference room, they hear the roar of ‘The Call’ … the loud and exciting opening chant of the lead tribesmen. Suddenly the team storm the room. They then perform the Ka Mate ‘Haka’ in full traditional Maori tribal wear to the delight (and surprise) of your guests.

Your group will experience 100% Maori passion from our Haka Masters ­ some of whom are distant descendants of the original tribesmen who wrote this Haka. The Haka is sacred to our Masters and you can see from their performance what it means to them – it really is spine tingling. Following their performance, it’s your turn!

Our Haka tribesmen will teach your group the words, meanings and actions of the Haka before joining you in a group performance. We will split the group and each team will battle to deliver the louder, more impassioned Haka.

The Haka Team Building Workshop is one of our unique and energising team icebreakers for a conference, or as part of a team building day between one of our outdoor or indoor events and an evening event. call us now on 0800 975 0728 or fill out an online enquiry form and receive a proposal today!

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The event was a huge success, despite the rain and the wind everyone had a great time and got involved with all the activities. The games were a great mix for the people we had attending and I received good feedback about the length of the activities and also the energy of your staff involved.

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