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Health & safety on team building events

 18th Oct 2010

We are all familiar with the argument that there is too much red tape facing businesses in the UK and health & safety regulations are often in the media's sights as shining examples of uneccessary regulation.

There are countless examples of silly laws. Some of it is real, some of it is apocryphal. A warning on a packet of peanuts which reads 'caution, may contain nuts' helps no-one in the promotion of sensible regulation.

"We have always taken a common sense approach to health & safety at Progressive Resources" explains Stuart Hedges, "We do what we need to in the office but when it comes to our events we are uncompromising and often exceed statutory requirements in our approach".

The event industry has a wide range of activities on ofer. Most are run in a professional and safe way, but in some cases uneccessary risks are taken.

This is sometimes a problem when more extreme activities are run by enthusiasts who don't take the demographic of their clients into account. Progressive Resources only run events for corporate clients and aim their experiences at all participants, from the more active to novices at outdoor events.

"There are so many fun and enjoyable activities to suit everyone" explains Hedges, "there really is not excuse for putting people at risk if you approach your events responsibly".

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