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Newsletter April 2005

Welcome to our latest newsletter. I should begin with an apology, our last newsletter was last Summer. I hope that you've had a chance to visit our wbesite as I have been updating it regularly and it is now more than twice the size that it was when the last newsletter was published. We also have a new brochure, please let us know if you would like to receive a copy.  

The corporate event market

Last year saw us deliver more than 500 events, which is a new record. The company was 16 years old and our website saw its 10th anniversary. In Internet terms that is a huge milestone, to put it into perspective Yahoo was also 10 years old. That we started so early meant that we were able to secure our fantastic domain name and I will always be glad that I listened to the friend who telephoned to advise me that this interworld netweb thingy was going to be huge.  

The outlook for the coming year is good (touch mouse). The industry seems to have recovered from such events as the Iraq war and Foot & Mouth and the corporate market seems to be confident and keen to invest in its employees. It is my opinion that Election years offer better conditions for business with less chance of events that will rock confidence. Let's hope I'm right.

Should you have any event requirements then please make us one of the companies that you consider. Many companies hide a one man band behind an impressive website. We are a team of people dedicated to the events industry, brimming with exciting ideas and keen to delight new and existing clients.

James Coakes
Managing Director

Team News

Steve Perkins has been promoted to Director of Events. Steve joined Progressive Resources in 1999 and he has become an essential part of our team. With an extensive knowledge of the event industry Steve has been behind the launch of a number of new events in his time with the company and he has now been promoted to manage his own team.

In our sales team Andy Ellis left us to follow his true love: music. Andy used to spend most of his weekends DJing around the country and when he was offered a once in a lifetime residency in Mexico he decided to follow his dream. Who can blame him? Andy kept in touch sending us details of his wonderful new life; the sunshine, the food and his leisure lifestyle. In the end we blocked his IP address. Also following his dreams Mark Seamer left to work for a company specialising in water based events. Andy and Mark have been replaced with Ian Harnett, Gareth Hounsden and Lara Skan.

Jenny Case joins us in Project Management, the team who arrange and plan your events. Jenny will be taking over many of the duties of Director Emma Coakes who is having a baby some time around August or September of this year.

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