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Poetry & Quotes

Poetry and quotes have always been used to inspire people. Here we have collected some of the most famous poems and quotes which are relevant to team buildingmotivation and leadership.

In order for effective teambuilding to take place team members must avoid the temptation to be cynical, to feel that 'nothing will ever change around here'.

Those who work towards better teamwork may find themselves victims of criticism. 'It's not the critic who counts' from Theodore Roosevelt may act as inspiration in difficult times:

Teambuilding Poems

Below are some Teambuilding and Motivating Quotes

How do you make your work more poetic?

Considering team building poetry brings a key issue of team building and motivation to the fore. Poetry is a romantic medium designed to stir the soul, but how many of us feel like that about our work?

Poetry is written about war and life and death situations, not working in a call centre. If anyone fancies writing a poem about that then send it in and we will gladly publish it!

The most motivated teams believe in the importance of what it is that they are doing. The role of a leader is to make the work feel important. Perhaps thinking like a poet might help.

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