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Team Building Resources For Students


We are committed to supporting students in their studies. There is information on this site that may help you in your studies and, if you have any questions or require further information, senior members of our team will make themselves available to assist.

In certain circumstances we may be able to introduce students to corporate end users. Obviously we look after our clients and this is a case by case opportunity, but many are co-operative and also committed to assisting education.

Student Placement Opportunities

Status update: We currently do not have any student placement opportunities. 

“As part of my final year studying Theatre and Performance Technology at Lipa I’m currently writing a research paper based on the effects of the recession on corporate events industry. The nature of my research paper means that it is vital for me to talk to industry professionals about their opinions, experiences and predictions. James has been a key contact as part of this research and his input, insight and opinions have been invaluable to me!” Sarah Page

Student Resources - Team Building

Here are some pages in this site which may interest you:-

Ian Harnett's 2:1 dissertation

Faye Bellanca (First - well done!) - The Social Identity Theory

Team building theories

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