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Team Trust - a vital component of effective group performance

The essential quality in high performance teams is trust. From all of our work in team building we have distilled this one quality as the key to excellent teamwork.

Trust in the plan, trust in the business and trust in each member of the team to fulfil their role. However, trust takes time and it is not always a given that such a state will be achieved.

This is not only the case for teams but any relationship, be it work related or a marriage, a friendship or a relationship between parent and child.

Until trust is a natural state we have found that two things are necessary; effort and goodwill.

Effort & Goodwill for better team building.

The individuals within a team need to make an effort to build their team.

It is all too easy to turn away from the positive actions which are required to make a team better. Various thoughts may prohibit the necessary positive effort required to make things better.

Nothing ever changes
You may fear that something won't change, but that doesn't make it a fact. Just because you've been working from the same wrong agenda for ages doesn't mean that something new won't work.

The more we repeat the same behaviours the deeper the hole we dig ourselves into and that makes change seem impossible.

We also tend to believe that our own efforts are all that there is. If you're stuck admit it. Maybe someone else knows the solution.

I'm not the one causing the problem
Most people think that they are basically okay, so it's hard to accept their part of the blame.

Instead people tend to point at others. Successful teams don't waste time wondering whose fault something is or seeking justice in every situation.

Individuals take their part on the chin and get on with finding the solution.

This is not the right job for me
Perhaps another job is the best thing for you, but how do you know that you will not experience exactly the same problems and frustrations there?

With goodwill and effort could you make your existing job the right one? If you don't try you don't stand any chance of seeing the results you want.

Other negative thoughts might include:-
No one appreciates our attempts to make changes
We don't understand what changes to make

Before trust is achieved the team will need to exercise goodwill. This means giving other team members, on occasions, the benefit of the doubt.

This is the hardest part, because the inner voice may be telling you that it is futile. Yet, without goodwill - the desire for real and lasting change - the positive things that need to happen may never have the chance to happen.

Change is like an egg. It must be visualised, allowed to form, nurtured and allowed both space and time to grow.

One powerful voice can crack the egg and cause failure. This voice may be right in the now, but unless it allows for goodwill it may never give positive change the chance to grow.

It is possible that even the most powerful and effective voice needs to leave the team if change is more important than their personal contribution, if they are not prepared to be open minded to goodwill.

This is a fragile process. It fails more than it succeeds. However, effective change can provide the most dramatic and positive results for a company.

We have created collaborative team building events to help nurture the idea that coming together as a team to achieve the bigger picture. Our Da Vinci’s Designs and Rollercoaster challenge events are perfect examples. Groups must work on their own sections but communicate with others to ensure the final product links together to create a successful outcome. 

The ultimate in collaborative events is our Together We Can. 4 stations are set up and your team is split into 4 groups, each starting at a different station. As the event unfolds, groups rotate around until they have added to every station – communication is key as they must brief the following group on their stations concept so that they continue the theme. 

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