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Team Building Games

For corporate organisations, team building games and activities are great icebreakers for meetings, training days and they help get conferences off to the right start. Our team building games build team spirit, develop employee motivation, and improve communications. Why not start your conference by getting your team to work together to build their own Rollercoaster?

Team building games also enhance business project meetings where activities help delegates view things differently and use different thinking styles. Team building games and exercises help stimulate the brain, improve idea retention, and increase fun and enjoyment.

Please feel free to have a look at our list of command tasks for team building games, which will get your team thinking outside the box. These games form our Crystal Challenge events and are often incorporated into other events, such as The Ultimate Challenge and The Perfect Team Build. The games are designed to force participants to think laterally and are an excellent way to discern hidden strengths amongst your team.

The key to any team building game is to be fun and engaging, business relevant and beneficial; the balance is essential to ensure people genuinely enjoy the game whilst still taking something from it. With 35 years of experience, we’ve learnt to build our events with this balance in mind and can help you pick the most suitable team building games for your goals.

We’re constantly updating our games with our clients in mind. Over the years, we’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t and have applied feedback from our staff and clients alike to renew our Team Building Games and design new ones to meet all your needs. 

You could design and implement games yourself. However, Team Building companies have a wealth of experience; we’ve worked with and engaged with a massively diverse range of people. Our event managers have all developed their leadership and communications skills over years of practice to bring out the best in people. They know when to push those who are a little reluctant to participate, and they’ve reigned in the hotheads who get a little carried away! Bringing in an outside influence will provide a balance to your event and help improve engagement and participation whilst providing fun, cleverly designed, and well-tested games to meet business-relevant requirements.

Here are some of our favourite team building games:                                                                                

See our Indoor EventsOutdoor EventsEvening Events and Icebreakers for a comprehensive list of team building games and events.

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