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Team Building July To December

Our suggestions for the second half of the year's team building activities can be enjoyed from July to December. So far you have been spoiled for choice in the first half of the year; how does your adventure continue?


The summer is with us and the sun is in the sky (hopefully) so it's a great month to experience an It's A Knockout tournament with inflatable games such as Human Table Football and Giant Inflatable Volleyball.


We're back on the water, this time for sailing. Sailing is the most natural of team building activities because the team works together to crew and sail a yacht. August is the month of Cowes Week, so you can sail amongst, or ideally slightly away from, racing yachts as they take part in this iconic event.


The first signs of Autumn start to be seen as the Summer gives way. In recent years we have often had lovely warm Autumns so any of our outdoor events are still on the cards. Why not try Spy School and learn the sort of skills that would get you a job at M15? They may come in handy back at work.


There will still be plenty of days left suitable for outdoor team building so why not try our Perfect Team Building concept? This was designed for people who liked the look of everything and wanted to try it all. It's a veritable smorgasbord of activities.


Come indoors and learn a new skill that will come in handy at Christmas; Chocolate Making. It's fun, fascinating and very creative. Our experienced chocolatiers will teach you how to make delicious chocolates filled with such diverse ingredients as chilli, spices and an array of different alcoholic beverages.


Christmas parties feature strongly in December. Our recommended event this month is our Generation Game, based on the much loved TV show that we all remember from our childhood. Try your hand at Morris Dancing, 'Top End' Fashion Designing and a variety of other fun challenges.

We hope you enjoyed our monthly team building roundup. Have a browse of all of our activities and choose whichever looks most appealing.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with our friendly sales team they will come up with a proposal featuring several activities so you can pick the best one for your group.

Have a look at the first half of the year; January to June.

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