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Team Esteem

Self-esteem is about your perception of yourself, but what is your team esteem? If members of a team collectively feel generally positive about their team then they will be more effective, more positive and stress levels will be lower. In any team there will be disagreements and problems, but are these situations dealt with constructively?

Belief in the purpose of the team

In order for high team esteem to exist, team members must clearly understand the purpose of their team, what is expected of them and where they fit into their whole organisation. In teams with the highest self-esteem the role that they play is understood to be of critical importance. Teams need clear goals and measurable benchmarks so they can assess targets and monitor their progress. People naturally compete and this can be an even more powerful instinct when they gather in a team.

Respect for team members as workers

In an ideal situation each team member will feel that each of their colleagues are the right people for the job. A team exists because one person cannot complete the task on their own. A variety of people is required for various functions and they need to fit the bill in terms of work style, experience and ability. If there is a feeling that some people are not suited to their role or that some contribute more than others there can be discord. Further information on Belbin work styles may be of interest.

Respect for team members as personalities

There is a difference between work style and personality. It may be that a person's work style is ideal for the job but their personality makes them difficult to get on with. This is particularly difficult when the individual in question is very effective in their role or essential to the success of the team. Often the leader of the team itself is the difficult person, believing that their status justifies their self confidence in their approach. You may be interested in reading further information on Strength Deployment Inventory as a method of identifying personality traits and allowing them to be discussed.

The story of the team

Every team has a story and, in some cases, this may not be constructive. One team used to meet regularly and part of their opening ritual would be to acknowledge that they once did not get on . It transpired that no one knew the history of the problem and, indeed, the current team members had not been around when the problem existed. It was time to write a new story - that they all got on very well. Make sure your team story tells of your successes.


Every team has problems, the key is how they are dealt with. Positive communication and behaviour within a team will help members to achieve their objectives and make the process of working together more enjoyable and productive. Team building events are ideal as a way of celebrating your team, improving relationships and  team esteem.          

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