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Insights Discovery Colours – Understanding The Four Colour Preferences.

Insights Discovery is based on the work of Jung and helps us to have better communication within our teams.  When we are communicating well, teams are happier and more productive.

When communication breaks down, our ideas, feedback, and concerns are left unaddressed, fostering a toxic culture of gossip, drama, and siloed work.

Based on Jung’s psychology and presented as a simple, four-colour model, the 'Insights colours' system enables individuals to see their unique mix of 'colour energies': Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue.   

Understanding how you and your colleagues work can be adopted in a team, unifying team members in whatever way your organisation works.




Fiery Red: The Results and Strategy Champion

If you lead with Fiery Red Energy; you never stop.  You are constantly on the go.  You are energised by solving problems and delivering results.  You love setting goals and achieving them.  This really energises you.  Always happy to take the lead and are comfortable taking on new challenges.  Obstacles are there to be worked around and “no” is the just one reply away from a “yes”.  

What does Fiery Red bring to the team?
•    Tenaciousness
•    Courage to take the tough decisions
•    Align resources and make stuff happen

Communication tips:

•    Be well organised
•    Be brief, be bright, be gone
•    Be optimistic and keen

•    Small talk
•    Hop between topics
•    Talk and work at a slow pace


Sunshine Yellow: The Social and Enthusiastic Communicator

Colleagues who lead with Sunshine yellow energy are brilliant at rallying people around a cause.  They are inspirational communicators and are the best networked people in any organisation.  They are forward looking, focused on the big picture and bring a wonderful unifying energy to the team.  They work hard to get people involved and want people to be as enthusiastic as they are.  


What does Sunshine Yellow bring to the team?
•    Excited about future opportunities
•    Breadth of contacts who can help get stuff done
•    Love work with others and are strong inspirers.

Communication tips

•    Keep things moving and interesting
•    Let them express their opinions
•    Take a casual and relaxed approach

•    Giving and asking for in-depth information
•    Ignore their need for attention
•    Come across as gloomy or uninvolved


Earth Green:  The People’s champion

Colleagues who lead with Earth Green care for and help develop those around them.  They are brilliant at building and maintaining relationships.  They tend to be focused on the present and may struggle to visualise future challenges.  They are strong team players and get huge satisfaction from seeing others develop.  

What does Earth Green bring to the team?
•    Always concerned about the relational health of the team
•    Understand what makes people tick and how to make them feel valued
•    Champions of the people are take care of everyone around them.

Communication tips

•    Listen compassionately
•    Take a casual, simple approach
•    Appreciate their commitment

•    Interrupt them until they have finished
•    Demand quick responses
•    Come across as forceful


Cool Blue: The Organised and Structured Planner

If you lead with Cool Blue; then you are looking to preserve the organisation’s resources and money as it is your own.  You are focused on the here and now and want to ensure that your Fiery Red and Sunshine Yellow colleagues who are future-focused and not making changes for the sake of it.  You ask the hard challenging questions.  You hate compromise and delivering anything that is less than perfect.  You are wonderful at delivering projects on time as agreed. 

What does Cool Blue bring to the team?
•    Logic, systems and process
•    Objective thinking, unlikely to get swept up in group think
•    Separate decision-making from their personal preferences

Communication tips

•    Give them time to think and reflect
•    Appreciate their need for quiet time
•    Talk in a quiet, steady way

•    Try to charm them
•    Rush them
•    Suggesting ill-conceived ideas


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