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Insights Discovery Learning Journey

We don’t just provide a standalone workshop.  We create learning journeys which promote behaviour change and improved performance.  

We want to make this learning sticky and ensure your teams use their new knowledge and skills at every opportunity.  We will support you before during and after the formal workshop to get the most from this learning opportunity.


Our bite size resources are perfect for using in the moment when you need a quick reminder.

Juicing the Lemon’s unique Insights learning platform transforms the workshop into actionable results.

After the workshop, participants can extend their Insights journey using our online platform. We are dedicated to assisting you in integrating these valuable insights into your everyday work life.

Participants will enjoy unrestricted access to a wealth of materials and resources.

Examples of resources available

Work Resources

Unleashing your Fiery Red Voice – How to help yourself thrive
Tips for Managing a Fiery Red
Tips for Working with a Fiery Red Manager
Tips for communicating with Fiery Reds

Home Resources

Understand your partners colour energy
Discovering your childs Insights Discovery colour
Conflict resolution with teenagers using Insights Discovery

Furthermore, line managers will gain exclusive access to strategies for nurturing and sustaining Insights Discovery within their teams.

Visit our Resources to find out how we continue the learning journey.

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