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The Insights Discovery Profile

The Insights Discovery profile is a document that has had a powerful impact on delegates in both their business and personal lives.

Delegates are often stunned at how accurate the profiles are.  Many share them with their partners at home who end up chuckling at the accuracy of the statements.  It can be a very insightful way to aid communication at home as well!

The profile starts your journey towards greater self-awareness and personal development. It details how you work, how you think and how you are perceived by others.

On an Insights Discovery Workshop everyone receives a unique and in-depth Insights Discovery Personal Profile.

The profiles are used to start conversations and understandings about how you may be perceived by others, how you work with colleagues, what your communication looks like on both a good day and bad day, what sort of environment inspires you at work and what stops you working to your peak performance.

Every Insights Discovery Personal Profile includes the Foundation Chapter.  This can then be extended with additional chapters. 


Foundation Chapter

This contains

  • Personal style and approach
  • Key strengths and weaknesses
  • Value to the team
  • Preferred communication style
  • Possible blind spots
  • Opposite types
  • Suggestions for your development


Management Chapter

This is an invaluable chapter for teams as well as those on management development programs.  It allows team members to think about the work environment that best suits them and allows them to flourish.  It helps managers to consider their management style and its impact on others.

  • What is your ideal work environment?
  • What is the best way to manage you?
  • How best to motivate you at work.
  • Learn more about your management style.


Personal Achievement Chapter

Now that you have a basic understanding of your behavioural preferences, this chapter examines the creation of  a learning journey to support your personal and professional development. 

  • Setting personal goals
  • Time and Life Management
  • Creative thinking
  • Lifelong learning
  • Learning styles


Effective Selling Chapter

There are 3 elements to the selling chapter.

  1. Understanding self and how the customer will perceive us,
  2. Understanding the personality of the customer and
  3. How the sales person should alter their behaviour to reflect the personality of the customer in order to establish an effective rapport.   The chapter contains a sales model that can be used or adapted to the in-house sales model.


  • Selling style overview
  • Before the sale begins
  • Identifying needs
  • Propose a solution
  • Dealing with buying resistance
  • Gaining commitment
  • Follow up and follow through
  • Sales preference indicators


Interview Questions

This is an additional page that gives you questions to ask during an interview selection process.   The questions help to identify strengths and weaknesses.   It also helps to identify a candidate’s level of self-awareness and interest in self-development

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