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The Insights Discovery Profile


The Insights Discovery Personal Profile is a powerful resource for personal and team growth, offering individuals a transformative perspective on themselves and their peers.


Each profile comprises the Foundational Chapter, with the option to incorporate additional chapters to cater to your specific requirements.


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Foundation Chapter

The heart of the profile lies in the Foundation Chapter, featuring an in-depth exploration of personal style, key strengths and weaknesses, team contribution, communications, potential challenges, strategies for handling difficult conversations, and personal growth recommendations. Within this chapter, a compelling visual map illustrates the respondent's engagement across the four distinct colour energies, providing a comprehensive overview of their behavioural tendencies.

Management Chapter

The Management section complements the Foundation chapter, catering to those seeking a deeper grasp of their management style and preferences for being managed. It delves into their ideal work environment, needs in leadership, motivation, and approach to management.

Effective Selling

This section proves invaluable for inclusion sales training programmes and offers an excellent resource for sales managers as a coaching aid for their team. It covers various aspects, including pre-sale preparation, needs assessment, proposal presentation, overcoming buyer objections, securing commitments, follow-up strategies, and indicators of sales preferences.

Personal Achievements

This section illuminates the elements that enhance our journey towards a more purposeful life. It seamlessly aligns with well-being and resilience programmes and can be valuable in personalised coaching initiatives. The chapter encompasses topics such as purposeful living, time and life organisation, unleashing personal creativity, lifelong learning, and individualised learning approaches.



Juicing The Lemon has established itself as The Team Building Company's preferred supplier for Insights Discovery training and is renowned for its expertise in delivering impactful and transformative learning experiences.


If these concepts resonate with your organisation’s vision, please get in touch, and we can chat about your team challenges. We're keen to delve into strategies to empower your team, fostering unity and increased productivity through our training methodologies.



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