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Insights Discovery Team Effectiveness Model – Teambuilding event

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker

There is a direct correlation between the culture of an organisation and its bottom line.  Where a healthy and productive culture is in play, then the strategy of an organisation is supported and stands the greatest chance of implementation.  When the culture of an organisation has become toxic then strategy fails.

We use the Insights Team Effectiveness diagnostic.   The team completes a self-evaluation reviewing the whole team. A report is subsequently produced providing an objective measurement of their performance under the following areas.

The Insights diagnostic can be used as part of a range of workshops depending on the team's development needs. One of the most popular workshops to combine this with is High Performing Team's workshop.

Insights Chart

The four broad areas are:

A team that is focused will:

  • have a clear direction
  • know their vision and goals
  • have their sights firmly on the deliverables
  • take action on the ‘right’ things
  • be accountable for what they have committed to


When a team is in flow, they:

  • create solutions and solve problems collectively
  • engage in dialogue
  • learn as a team
  • respond quickly to external input
  • make the changes necessary to overcome obstacles


In a positive climate the team has:

  • a high level of trust
  • a high degree of engagement and motivation
  • the willingness and ability to delve into challenging discussions
  • the ability to maintain cohesion under pressure
  • a genuine sense of caring and support


If the team has effective processes, it has:

  • clear roles for each member
  • roles that are linked and interdependent
  • the right mix of capabilities within the team members
  • a clear decision making process
  • measurements in place to monitor progress


The workshop will measure how the team is doing through facilitated discussion and break-out groups.   The results are used to understand the team’s strengths and weaknesses, how group dynamics are played out. and diagnose and confront problems.

It is a unique opportunity for teams to have open and honest discussions about how they interact with each other and what behaviours are supportive and what behaviours are less beneficial.

Teams will walk away from the session with a clear and practical action plan that will support the achievement of their goals.  

Typical outcomes are:

  • Developing a stronger feedback culture on behaviours
  • Establishing ways to improve communication between team members
  • Agreeing more effective ways of working together
  • Developing greater levels of vulnerability trust to allow more healthy and productive conflict
  • Provide ways for team members to hold each other accountable to productive behaviours
  • Have more tactics for keeping the eye on the key team measures
  • Ensure that every team has a voice at the table to ensure commitment to decisions



Juicing The Lemon is The Team Building Company's preferred supplier for Insights Discovery training and is renowned for its expertise in delivering impactful and transformative learning experiences.


If these ideas resonate with your organisation’s vision, please get in touch, and we can chat about your team challenges and how Insights Discovery can help.




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