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Know yourself to lead yourself

Insights Discovery is a world leading diagnostic tool that helps people understand themselves and others.

It starts with a simple and memorable model which explains your behaviour. 

Insights Discovery

The Insights Model

At its most simple, Insights identifies 4 behavioural preferences.  We are a mix of all 4 and can dial up any of them.  However, we tend to have a preference for a couple. 

  • Fiery Red: “Do it now” - focused on action, results and action. 
  • Sunshine Yellow: “Do it harmoniously” - focused on sociable, engaging and being enthusiastic
  • Earth Green: “Do it together” - focused on calm, harmonious and listening
  • Cool Blue: “Do it right” - focused on precision and accuracy.  


Good day and bad day behaviours

Each of the colour preferences have their good and bad behaviour days.  The good day behaviours are the gifts and talents which you bring to the team and demonstrate resourcefulness.  The bad day behaviours arise when any of these preferences are overused.  It tends to be people in the opposite colour preference who first notice the bad day behaviours.

Good day behaviours in detail

Fiery Red

Sunshine Yellow

Earth Green

Cool Blue













Fast paced




Action orientated





Bad day behaviours in detail

Fiery Red

Sunshine Yellow

Earth Green

Cool Blue























Team Collaboration and Effectiveness

Self-awareness and excellent communication are the foundations of team collaboration. 

When everyone in the team understands the common language of Insights Discovery it allows them to communicate what they mean without people taking offence. 

Teams are in stronger place to have healthy conflict and debate ideas in a safe and trusting environment.   This leads to better idea generation and commitment as all team members are heard.

Stronger communication skills mean the team is more likely to provide feedback – both positive and developmental – as well as hold each other accountable if commitments are not delivered.  It is no longer just the task of the manager to have feedback and accountability conversations. 

The ability to have the right conversation with the right person on the right topic is the quickest way to develop team and organisational culture. 


People need easy solutions

Insights Discovery is an easy approach and can be applied into any organisation.   There is no series of letters to be remembered or complicated code.  It is based on a colour model with each colour matching up with a specific type of energy.   Organisations often report that this is the one workshop where the learnings are taken back into the workplace and acted upon months and years later.  The approach is so straight forward it is easy to use.   


Insights Discovery Workshop

Insights can be delivered in a number of ways and can tie into any number of team building activities.   It can also be linked to customer service programmes, leadership development, management development, sales training, team building, change management and difficult conversations. 

Below are a few ideas for different workshops that can be flexed to your needs.


Introduction to Insights Workshop


  • Individuals better understand themselves and colleagues.
  • Reduce misunderstandings and conflict through increased understanding of others, skilful adapting and connecting.
  • Colleagues understand how their behaviour impacts on those around them.
  • Colleagues who are aware of their potential weaknesses and blind spots behave in a nonconfrontational way that promotes immediate positive action.
  • Create stronger relationships that drive organisational results.

Workshop Overview

  1. Introduction to how our brains work and how we perceive
  2. Introduction to the Insights Colour Energies
  3. Your Insights report
  4. Recognising Others' Styles
  5. Adapting and Connecting Techniques
  6. Action planning and Keys to Success


Duration:  This is typically a one-day session but a shorter abridged format for 3hrs is also available.


Insights Discovery Team Development Workshop

Help team members to understand and value each other’s differences and contributions. A valuable way to drive performance and productivity.


  • Develop a strong team spirit with this simple, memorable tool.
  • Help colleagues to quickly recognise the contribution of others
  • Know how to engage, support and motivate each team member.
  • Create a high trust environment in which to discuss differences and challenges thereby resolving conflict

Workshop Overview

  1. Introduction to how our brains work and how we perceive
  2. The four colour energies in a team context
  3. Your Insights report
  4. Explore individual contribution and value to the team
  5. Sharing of preferred communication strategies
  6. Review of the team wheel and its implications for group objectives


Duration: This is typically a one-day session but a shorter version is also available.

Audience:  This is perfect for intact teams that want to accelerate their collaboration and results delivery though a shared language.


Insights Discovery Leadership Development Workshop

Improve your leaders understanding of themselves. Reveal how their behavioural preferences affect both their performance as a leader and their ability to inspire and motivate others.


  • Authentic leaders who inspire and empower their people to deliver outstanding results.
  • Be more effective at influencing their team and key stakeholders.
  • Be able to coach and support team members being the best version of themselves at work.
  • Leaders who understand their weaknesses and barriers to being effective.
  • Flexible leaders who how now to adapt their behavioural style for different team members.


Workshop Overview

  1. An introduction to Insights Discovery
  2. The Insights personal profile
  3. Explore your Leadership effectiveness
  4. Traits of great leaders
  5. The four colour energies of leadership
  6. Good day and bad day behaviour of leadership
  7. Motivating and influencing the colour energies
  8. Adapting your leadership approach
  9. Working with the Insights Discovery Profile Management Chapter
  10. Next steps – putting this into action


Duration: This is a full day session with coaching sessions available.


This is about building a team where everyone can talk effectively to each other.   This creates a team who can talk opening and candidly. They can support each other to generate optimal performance in the workplace.  This is not about asking a team member to change their behavioural preferences. .  It is about having great self-awareness, and understanding how to adapt your style to generate the best team results.




Juicing The Lemon is The Team Building Company's preferred supplier for Insights Discovery training and is renowned for its expertise in delivering impactful and transformative learning experiences.


If these ideas resonate with your organisation’s vision, please get in touch, and we can chat about your team challenges and how Insights Discovery can help.

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